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Linda Bennett was born in Anderson, Indiana, and remained there until her late teens. During school years, her time and interest was devoted to classical music. She studied and later taught violin.

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In 1962 she married Larry Bennett, and in 1965 they moved from their home in Indianapolis to South Bend, Indiana, where they still reside. Although always creative, she didn't actually begin to paint until the late seventies when her three daughters began to leave home. She is primarily self-taught. Now, she and her husband work together full time as artist and publisher.

"I paint from memory. As a child we used to spend summer vacations visiting our family in Britt, Iowa, a tiny farming town established in the early 1800s. This place was such a contrast to the small city where I lived. It was my introduction to grand old houses and gazebos in the park. The small Amish communities here in Indiana remind me of Britt as it must have been at the turn of the century."

Working only in oils, her impressionistic style has the softness and look of watercolor. Peaceful small towns filled with charming victorian houses and quaint Amish farms provide inspiration. The fantasy-like quality in her work results from combining images of places seen with places imagined and then adding a touch of what she'd like them to have been. Her paintings are restful as well as decorative with a feeling of romantic nostalgia. For this reason, her works provide comfort in hospital units and nursing homes and are included in many corporate and private collections.

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