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Rich loamy soil, black as coal, flat as a table top. Winding creeks nestle in small hills covered with prairie grass and wildflowers. Quiet rivers hidden in groves of trees. This is the prairie of Central Illinois. This his her home and that of five generations of her family, who have lovingly and proudly farmed this land. From her heritage comes the inspiration for her oil paintings.

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Her grandmothers reminiscences of horse-and-buggy days always fascinated her. Her fondest wish was to wear a magnificent hoop skirt and pick roses all day. Then of course she'd paint them! As a child her afternoons were spent exploring the farm and fields. Something interesting was always waiting to be discovered; a new litter of kittens in the hayloft was especially exciting.

Today her great love of animals persists as evidenced by her sharing mer life with three German Shepherds. They are of great help in the studio! She has also spent many hours of duty outside the ring as a "horse show mother". Five quarter horses were an important part of her world. Her animals can be found in a number of her paintings.

In addition to the Midwest, she also enjoys painting scenes of New England. She finds to colonial architecture especially appealing as well as the wonderful bays and coves. She made several trips to the area each year and returned truly inspired. Linda and her family now reside in Woodbury, Conn.

Many childhood hours were spent with crayons and paper in hand, followed by watercolors and oils. She loved it all even then. That continuing love has allowed her to spend almost every waking hour on her art. She has learned by doing and perhaps for her that is the best approach. She especially enjoys painting our America of yesterday. She loves the freedom found in her style of painting, yet she can't resist the detail.

Telling a story is great fun and it seems necessary for her to tell more than one per painting. She creates a world she wishes to be part of, yet is aware such a perfect world doesn't exist. But wouldn't it be wonderful if it did?

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