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The inspiration behind the art of Charles Wysocki can be summed up in one word, love-his love of country, love of family and love of life. "Chuck" was born in 1928 in a Polish enclave of Detroit. Growing up in this community of immigrants surrounded him with people who celebrated the history and traditions of their new homeland. He saw their special joys in the enormous opportunities offered by American freedom. These impressions and feelings instilled memories of a happy childhood which became the foundation for his patriotism.

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"It was my mother who first encouraged me with her very positive attitude about life. She was a lot of fun to be with. I like to think I take after her," says Chuck.

After serving his country in the Army, Chuck studied at the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles. He then became a commercial illustrator in his native Detroit, but soon returned to California where he married Elizabeth Lawrence. Now, thirty-four years later, they continue to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with their two sons David and Matt; and their daughter Millie.

Their first vacation trip to New England in 1960 provided Chuck with the visual source for his artistic inspiration. "It was Liz who first recognized my talent and encouraged me to pursue a career in fine art," he remembers. In 1965 a successful one man show convinced him to follow his passion for painting full time.

"I think of may painting as a hobby, because it just doesn't feel like work," explains Chuck. "I absolutely love what I do."

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